Warming-up controller of inverter



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a warming-up controller of an inverter which can warm up in a short time under a low temperature environment as well, and also can uniformize generation of heat of each switching element of an inverter circuit.SOLUTION: A controller 40 flows a DC current at an electrical angle at which the maximum current flows in a winding of each phase of an electric motor 60 based on a three-phase AC current waveform to be supplied to the winding of each phase of the electric motor 60 when the electric motor 60 is driven to rotate in a state in which a warming-up mode of flowing-out of a current from an aluminum electrolytic capacitor 80 is set when a temperature of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor 80 detected by a temperature sensor 90 is lower than a specified temperature, and also controls switching elements S1 to S6 of an inverter circuit 20 so as to sequentially switch the winding through which the maximum current flows.
【課題】低温環境下においても暖機を短時間で行うことができるとともにインバータ回路の各スイッチング素子の発熱も均等化することができるインバータの暖機制御装置を提供する。 【解決手段】コントローラ40は、温度センサ90により検出されたアルミ電解コンデンサ80の温度が規定温度よりも低い時に、アルミ電解コンデンサ80から電流を持ち出す暖機モードを設定した状態で、電動機60を回転駆動させる際に電動機60の各相の巻線に供給する3相交流電流波形に基づいて、電動機60の各相の巻線に最大電流が流れる電気角度で直流電流を流すとともに該最大電流を流す巻線を順次切り替えるようにインバータ回路20のスイッチング素子S1〜S6を制御する。 【選択図】図1




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