Water-in-oil emulsion composition having high internal water phase content



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a water-in-oil emulsion composition having good long-term stability and excellent moisturizing effect while being free from stickiness, and capable of giving a feeling of out-flowing water (a feeling of phase inversion) when applied, even though it includes 70-98 mass% of an aqueous component and has an average emulsion particle diameter of the internal water phase of 10-100 μm.SOLUTION: A water-in-oil emulsion composition includes following components (A)-(E): (A) 3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-1,2,3-hexadecane triol; (B) diglyceryl diisostearate; (C) a polyoxyethylene-methyl polysiloxane copolymer; (D) an aqueous component; and (E) an oily component. In the water-in-oil emulsion composition: the mass of the aqueous component (D) relative to the whole composition is 70-98 mass%; the average emulsion particle diameter of the internal water phase is 10-100 μm; and the total mass of the components (A), (B) and (C) relative to the whole composition is 0.07-0.9 mass%.
【課題】水性成分を70−98質量%含み、該内水相の平均乳化粒子径が10−100μmでありながら経時安定性が良好で、べたつき感がなく、保湿効果に優れ、さらに塗布時には水のあふれ出し感(=転相感)を付与することができる油中水型乳化組成物の提供。 【解決手段】下記成分(A)〜(E):(A)3,7,11,15−テトラメチル−1,2,3−ヘキサデカントリオール(B)ジイソステアリン酸ジグリセリル(C)ポリオキシエチレン・メチルポリシロキサン共重合体(D)水性成分(E)油性成分を含み、成分(D)の水性成分の質量が組成物全体に対して70−98質量%であり、該内水相の平均乳化粒子径が10−100μmであり、且つ、成分(A)、(B)、(C)の総量が組成物全体に対して0.07−0.9質量%であること、を特徴とする油中水型乳化組成物。 【選択図】図1




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