Aluminum coating material and precoated aluminum fin member using the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an aluminum coating material including a hydrophilic coating film excellent in hydrophilicity, contamination resistance, coating film adhesion, moldability, odorant adsorption capacity and anti-bacterial and mildew-proof properties, and a precoated aluminum fin member formed of the material.SOLUTION: An aluminum coating material includes a substrate of aluminum, an underlying film on a surface thereof, and a hydrophilic coating film thereon. The hydrophilic coating film contains 65.0-94.80 wt.% of a hydrophilic resin, 0.1-5.0 wt.% of an oolong tea component, 5.0-25.0 wt.% of an anti-bacterial and mildew-proof agent, and 0.1-5.0 wt.% of titanium oxide fine particles (D), and its deposit is 0.05-2.0g/m. The hydrophilic resin contains α% of resin having at least one of a carboxyl group and its salt, β% of resin having an amide bond and γ% of resin having an ether bond wherein γ≥α+β is satisfied. A precoated aluminum fin member is formed of the material.
【課題】親水性、耐汚染性、塗膜密着性、成形性、臭気物質の吸脱着性、抗菌防黴性に優れた親水性塗膜を備えたアルミニウム塗装材と、これから加工成形されるプレコートアルミニウムフィン材を提供する。 【解決手段】アルミニウム基材と、その表面の下地皮膜と、その上の親水性塗膜とを含み、親水性塗膜が、65.0〜94.80重量%の親水性樹脂と、0.1〜5.0重量%の烏龍茶成分と、5.0〜25.0重量%の抗菌防黴剤と、0.1〜5.0重量%の酸化チタン微粒子(D)を含有し、付着量が0.05〜2.0g/m 2 であり、親水性樹脂が、カルボキシル基及びその塩の少なくとも一方を有する樹脂α%と、アミド結合を有する樹脂β%と、エーテル結合を有する樹脂γ%を含み、γ≧α+βを満たすアルミニウム塗装材と、これから加工成形されるプレコートアルミニウムフィン材。 【選択図】なし




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