Collapsible prosthetic heart valve



【課題】 既知の設計は、例えば(1)長期耐久性、(2)僧帽弁衝突、(3)弁周囲漏出、等である最善の弁設計の複数の態様に十分に対処し得ない。弁尖取付け部は、かかる問題のいくつかを考えるときに重要な要素となり得る。 【解決手段】人工心臓弁であって、環状に折畳み可能であり且つ拡張可能な支持構造と、シート状である可撓性の弁尖部材と、を有し、該弁尖部材は、前記支持構造内側にはめ込まれ、該弁尖の自由エッジ部は、前記支持構造の内部にわたって可撓性のコードを形成し、該コードの端部を越える前記弁尖の材料はフラップを形成し、該フラップは、前記支持構造の内側及び外側表面の一方によって画定される円筒表面において少なくとも部分的に位置するよう折り畳まれ、前記支持構造と前記弁尖との間にシート状の可撓性のバッファ材料を更に有する、人工心臓弁。 【選択図】 図13
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve such problems that known designs can not sufficiently cope with a plurality of modes of the best valve design which include (1) long-term durability, (2) mitral valve collision, (3) valve periphery leakage, etc. and that a leaflet attachment part can be an important element in considering some of these issues.SOLUTION: A prosthetic heart valve includes a support structure being toroidally foldable and extensible and a sheet-like flexible leaflet member. The leaflet member is set inside the support structure, while a free edge part of a leaflet forms a flexible cord extending inside the support structure, and the material of the leaflet being across the end part of the cord forms a flap. The flap is so folded as to be positioned, at least partially, on a cylindrical surface demarcated by either the inner or outer surface of the support structure, and further has a sheet-like flexible buffer material located between the support structure and the leaflet.




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