Game parlor management device



【課題】 RAMの初期化が必要な遊技機と必要でない遊技機とを容易かつ確実に選別可能とするとともに、特別遊技状態であることを示す信号を出力しない遊技機に対してもその選別を可能とする。 【解決手段】 遊技場管理装置60は、遊技場の閉店時刻を設定する閉店時刻設定手段と、閉店時刻の到達後に、複数の遊技機10のそれぞれについて、閉店時刻における遊技状態又は閉店時刻から過去所定時間内における遊技状態を判定する制御部65と、この制御部65における判定の結果にもとづいて、閉店時刻の時点で特別遊技状態であった遊技機10を特別遊技状態遊技機として抽出する制御部65と、制御部65で抽出された特別遊技状態遊技機を出力する出力手段64とを備えた。 【選択図】 図8
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable a game machine requiring an initialization of RAM and a game machine not requiring any initialization of RAM to be sorted by being discriminated from each other easily and positively and further enable a game machine not outputting a signal indicating a special game playing state to be sorted by being discriminated.SOLUTION: A game parlor management device 60 includes a closing time setting means for use in setting a closing time of a game parlor, a controller 65 for use in discriminating either a game playing state at the closing time or a game state within a past predetermined time from the closing time for each of a plurality of game machines 10 after reaching the closing time, a controller 65 for extracting the game machine 10 kept under a special game playing state at the time of closing time on the basis of a result of discrimination at the former controller 65 as a game playing machine of a special game playing state, and an output means 64 for outputting the game playing machine of the special game playing state extracted by the controller 65.




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