Illumination device



【課題】広角な配光特性を得つつ放熱性に優れた照明装置を得ること課題とする。 【解決手段】本発明の一実施形態に係る照明装置は、基板と、基板の表面に設けられた表面側発光素子と、基板の裏面に設けられた裏面側発光素子と、を備える。基板の裏面は外側領域及び内側領域を有し、外側領域には裏面側発光素子が設けられ、内側領域には放熱部材が設けられている。放熱部材は、基板1から離れるにつれて外側領域の上方に広がるように側面が傾斜した傾斜部を有している。そして、傾斜部は、裏面側発光素子からの光を反射可能な反射構造を有する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an illumination device excellent in heat dissipation characteristic while having wide light distribution characteristics.SOLUTION: The illumination device is provided with a substrate, front surface side light-emitting elements installed on a front surface of the substrate, and rear face side light-emitting elements installed on a rear surface of the substrate. The rear surface of the substrate has an outer region and an inner region, and the rear face side light-emitting elements are installed on the outer region and a heat dissipation member is installed on the inner region. The heat dissipation member has an inclined part of which the side face is inclined so that it may be widened toward a space above the outer region as it is separated from the substrate 1. In addition, the inclined part has a reflection structure capable of reflecting the light from the rear surface side light-emitting elements.




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