Control unit and control method for energy system



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To perform control which is lower in cost than the control performed by only an optimum operation plan, in an energy system which has a distributed power supply including a storage battery and is connected to a power system and power load. <P>SOLUTION: An optimum operation making part 32 estimates the demand for the generated power load of a solar cell 11 and the demand for hot water supply, using weather forecast information, and makes the optimum operation plan of a fuel cell 13 and a storage battery 12, using the results of this estimation. A command deciding part 33 stores the quantity of accumulation and the cost of accumulation obtained by measuring and adding up the quantity of charge/discharge of the storage battery 12 and the cost of charge, and when determined that the sum of the amount of the variation of the cost of buying and selling power due to the transmission and reception of power with a power system and the amount of variation of the above power accumulation cost by the quantity of charge/discharge of the storage battery 12 becomes negative by the computation of having simulated the time when the quantity of charge/discharge of the storage battery 12 is increased or decreased, it changes the control command of the quantity of charge/discharge of the storage battery 12 in planning of optimum operation. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 蓄電池を含む分散電源装置を有し、電力系統と電力負荷に接続されたエネルギーシステムにおいて、最適運用計画のみによる制御よりも低コストな制御を行う。 【解決手段】 最適運用計画作成部32は気象予報情報を用いて、太陽電池11の発電電力負荷需要、および給湯需要を予測し、この予測結果を用いて燃料電池13と蓄電池12の最適運用計画を作成する。指令値決定部33は、蓄電池12の充放電量および充電コストを計測・積算することにより得られる蓄電量および蓄電コストを記憶し、蓄電池12の充放電量を増加あるいは減少させたときをシミュレーションした計算によって、電力系統との受送電による売買電コストの変動分と、蓄電池12の充放電量による前記蓄電コストの変動分の和が負になると判断された場合に、最適運用計画中の蓄電池12の充放電量の制御指令値を変更する。 【選択図】 図1




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