Portable information device, and charge state optimization method and program therefor, as well as battery management server, and charge state optimization method and program for battery type electric device thereby



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a battery type electric appliance reducing a user's burden concerning optimization of a charge state of a secondary battery to certainly make maintenance of a long service life of the secondary battery compatible with maximum practical use of battery capacity, and to provide a charge state optimization method therefor. <P>SOLUTION: A schedule record part 4 records a user's schedule. An SOC (charge state) optimization plan part 5 plans an SOC of the secondary battery 21 on the basis of the user's schedule. The planned control target SOC is optimized by comparing and considering a continuous charging characteristic of the secondary battery 21, and electric power or an operable time to be secured in the case of battery drive. For example, the control target SOC is set to a full charge state in the vicinity of a period wherein a long operation time by the battery drive is estimated, while the control target SOC is set to a sufficiently smaller charge state than the full charge state in a period wherein long-term connection to an external power source A by an AC adapter 11 is estimated. A power source control part 3 controls charging/discharging of the secondary battery 21 according to the optimization plan concerning the SOC. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO
【課題】二次電池の充電状態の最適化に関するユーザの負担を軽減し、二次電池の長寿命の維持と電池容量の最大限の活用とを確実に両立できる電池式電気機器、及びその充電状態最適化方法の提供、を目的とする。 【解決手段】スケジュール記録部4はユーザのスケジュールを記録する。SOC(充電状態)最適化計画部5は、ユーザのスケジュールに基づき、二次電池21のSOCを計画する。計画された制御目標SOCは、二次電池21の連続充電特性と、電池駆動時に確保すべき動作可能時間又は電力とを比較考量し、最適化される。例えば、電池駆動による長い動作時間が推定される期間近傍では制御目標SOCが満充電に設定され、ACアダプタ11による外部電源Aへの長期間の接続が推定される期間では制御目標SOCが満充電より十分低く設定される。電源制御部3はSOCに関する最適化計画に従い、二次電池21の充放電を制御する。 【選択図】    図1




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