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US-9030217-B2: Semiconductor wafer and method for auto-calibrating integrated circuit chips using PLL at wafer level patent, US-9041963-B2: Image forming apparatus capable of performing printing processing, method of controlling the same, and related storage medium patent, US-9046463-B1: Method for conducting nonlinear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy patent, US-9049832-B1: Wheat variety W020536B1 patent, US-9078200-B2: Connecting a personal mobile device to a vehicle communication unit patent, US-9131602-B2: Printed circuit board for mobile platforms patent, US-9139859-B2: Method for preparing (R)-praziquantel patent, US-9158395-B2: Method and system for controlling other devices using a remote user interface patent, US-9194146-B2: Wake surf pool with central rotating foils patent, US-9197022-B2: Electrical connector patent, US-9203927-B1: Content delivery scheduler patent, US-9212124-B2: Complex oligomeric structures patent, US-9265415-B1: Input detection patent, US-9281980-B2: Receiving apparatus and method, sending apparatus and method, front-end circuit, modulator, and transceiving system patent, US-9303657-B2: Fan and motor bearing heat dissipation structure thereof patent, US-9329725-B2: Display device including touch screen compensation and touch sensing method thereof patent, US-9332596-B2: Microwave oven patent, US-9356950-B2: Evaluating URLS for malicious content patent, US-9357310-B2: Full-audio-range speaker patent, US-9379348-B2: Organic electroluminescent element, display apparatus, and manufacturing method of organic electroluminescent element patent, US-3653783-A: Compressor output control apparatus patent, US-9382566-B1: Fermentative production of sophorolipids from soybean and other vegetable oils patent, US-9410758-B1: Enhanced trigger control connector patent, US-9411785-B1: Embedding hidden content in unicode patent, US-9415251-B2: System, in particular, fire-fighting system with valves patent, US-9432498-B2: Gesture detection to pair two wearable devices and perform an action between them and a wearable device, a method and a system using heat as a means for communication patent, US-9461467-B2: System for supplying direct electric power for at least two loads from an alternating electric power source and method for starting such a supply system patent, US-9504985-B2: Apparatus and methods for producing chlorine dioxide patent, US-9507361-B2: Initialization signal generation circuits and semiconductor devices including the same patent, US-9512339-B2: Polymeric compositions for sustained release of volatile materials patent, US-9543821-B2: MOSFET driver with pulse timing pattern fault detection and adaptive safe operating area mode of operation patent, US-9582629-B2: Methods of generating circuit layouts using self-alligned double patterning (SADP) techniques patent, US-9612471-B2: Display device patent, US-9669820-B1: Power prioritization in a vehicle using multiple power-sources patent, US-9690095-B2: Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-9690687-B2: Dynamic allocation of trace array timestamp data patent, US-9725352-B2: Method for producing a tube of glass patent, US-9742557-B2: Compressing encrypted data without the encryption key patent, US-9747990-B2: Semiconductor device and control method of the semiconductor device patent, US-9768545-B1: Waterproof connector patent, US-9786077-B2: Unified image processing for combined images based on spatially co-located zones patent, US-9811104-B2: Reference voltage generator system for reducing noise patent, US-9866736-B2: Device having a camera unit and a double-walled housing patent, US-9867382-B2: Elastic poultry binder construction patent, US-RE29531-E: Grinding machine patent, US-RE30063-E: High pressure safety valve patent, US-RE35305-E: Amplification circuit with a determined input impedance and various transconductance values patent, US-8647154-B2: Network adapter having a network plug on one side of a circuit board and a set of terminals on another side of the circuit board patent, US-8658641-B2: Fused, spirocyclic heteroaromatic compounds for the treatment of bacterial infections patent, US-8670333-B2: Policy enforcement within an IP network patent, US-8703012-B2: Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device patent, US-8733038-B2: Roofing and siding products having receptor zones and photovoltaic roofing and siding elements and systems using them patent, US-8742118-B2: Methods for preparing intermediates of perampanel patent, US-8748238-B2: Ultra high voltage SiGe HBT and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8755061-B2: Display input device and display method highlighting characters based upon word data and prediction data and image forming apparatus provided therewith patent, US-8769372-B2: System and method for assigning code blocks to constituent decoder units in a turbo decoding system having parallel decoding units patent, US-8776926-B2: Fastening device patent, US-8779069-B2: Cathodic electrocoating compositions patent, US-8816449-B2: Self-aligned MOS structure with local interconnects and self-aligned source/drain polysilicon contacts patent, US-8832310-B2: Consistent snapshots of dynamic heterogeneously managed data patent, US-8847996-B2: Mobile terminal and control method thereof patent, US-8855148-B2: Multiplexing transmission system, receiver apparatus and module, transmitter apparatus for multiplexing transmission patent, US-8870650-B2: Game system, game apparatus, storage medium having game program stored therein, and game process method patent, US-8885043-B2: Monitoring system and image reconstruction method for planting bed patent, US-8885424-B2: Integrated circuit and memory device patent, US-8900185-B2: Variable length catheter for drug delivery patent, US-8913650-B2: Measuring bit-error-rates of forward error correction code encoded signals patent, US-8916924-B2: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using thin hard mask and structure manufactured by the same patent, US-8928523-B2: Method and radar apparatus for detecting target object patent, US-8937430-B2: Electroluminescence display device patent, US-8943880-B2: Device and a method for obtaining information about a wheel patent, US-8961075-B2: Milling tool as well as set of milling inserts of a milling tool patent, US-8962197-B2: Electrolyte system for metal-air batteries and methods of use thereof patent, US-8976469-B2: Lens driving system and method patent, US-8999207-B2: Metallically conductive ink for ink-jet printing and method for producing the same patent, US-9002844-B2: Generating method, generating system, and recording medium patent, US-9007321-B2: Method and apparatus for enlarging a display area patent, US-9011184-B2: Pogo pin connector patent, US-9017137-B2: Pre-encased underwire assembly patent, US-9029693-B2: Flexible solar cell photovoltaic assembly prepared with flexible substrate patent, US-9045753-B2: siRNA molecule for inhibiting growth of melanin and application thereof patent, US-9076452-B2: Apparatus and method for generating audio signal having sound enhancement effect patent, US-9081314-B2: Method for producing structured particles patent, US-9099554-B2: Semiconductor device with low on resistance and method for fabricating the same patent, US-9116640-B2: Image processing apparatus, display method, and storage medium patent, US-9124151-B2: Driving apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing article patent, US-9162860-B2: Hydraulic cylinder patent, US-9165999-B2: Nitride semiconductor device patent, US-9204870-B2: Device and method for the positioning of tissue during laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery patent, US-9209192-B2: Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9237610-B2: LED lamp with duty cycle dimming patent, US-9247126-B2: Image pickup device and focus detection apparatus patent, US-9263671-B1: 3D variable resistance memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9274725-B2: Image forming system and setting screen manipulating method for allowing terminal apparatus to manipulate setting screen patent, US-9288122-B1: Providing recommendations to users in a social network patent, US-9290125-B2: Haptic alert system for a vehicle patent, US-9298869-B2: Method for showing hierarchical structure for a given power intent described in a power intent description language with a design described in a hardware design description language, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product patent, US-9302687-B2: Light rail vehicle monitoring and stop bar overrun system patent, US-9319144-B2: Optical transmitter and method of controlling optical transmitter patent, US-9327511-B2: Liquid containing vessel, liquid containing body, substrate support member, and unit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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